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BeneLeaves and Whole Plant™ Team for New High-CBD Medical Marijuana Vape

Cleveland, OH: May 1st, 2022

BeneLeaves, a leading provider of medical marijuana products in Ohio, has partnered with Whole Plant™ CBD to create “High-CBD vapes” for the Ohio market. This partnership will allow BeneLeaves to expand its product offerings and provide patients with access to the latest in CBD technology.

This collaboration is notable because it provides patients with access to reinvented CBD vape products that will not clog. This is a significant development in the Ohio medical cannabis market and will help BeneLeaves continue to lead the way in providing patient-centered care.

Pairing Whole Plant™ full-spectrum CBD with High-CBD strains, these two processing companies will be providing benefits to patients seeking calming effects and extreme symptom relief. Whole Plant™ is leading the formulation process in Cleveland, while Ohio licensed cannabis processor, BeneLeaves, leads the production process in Columbus.

Now starting to produce a new High-CBD medical marijuana vape cartridge, the two companies first decided to work together because of the need for high-CBD products in this Ohio medical market and the lack of options.

Previously, CBD vape pens were largely unavailable due to the inherent traits of CBD crystallization and the use of cutting agents in vape devices.

What Are High-CBD Vapes?

High-CBD vapes are medical marijuana products that have more CBD than THC. In recent years, 1:1, 1:5, and 1:20 THC to CBD ratios have become popular in tinctures allowing patients another level of choice when deciding what to buy at the dispensary.

With the popularity of CBD vape devices increasing, now is the time for expanding patient choice of THC to CBD ratios with their vape products.

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Benefits of High-CBD Vapes

These one-of-a-kind CBD vapes are created by extracting the cannabinoids into a form that allows for no fillers or additives to be used. Other CBD vapes often use fillers and other additives to solve the issue of consistency in the CBD vape cartridge.

The benefits of CBD and THC together are well known due to research from Ethan Russo in the 1970s and the modern terms “entourage effect” and “ensemble effect” being used to describe the synergistic properties expressed.

The History of High-CBD Strain Varieties

The new High-CBD vape comes in three varieties known for their medicating values, Sour Tsunami, Ringos Gift, and Shark Shock. These three cultivated varieties come from the pioneering days of High-CBD cannabis plants first becoming popular and the dedicated work of plant breeders. Next, we will take a deeper look at the history of each cultivar.

Sour Tsunami

This increasingly popular variety refers to the effectiveness of its symptom relief, not the power of its potency. Due to its high CBD amount, it was known as one of the first several varieties that were used to reduce seizures in patients before the cannabis industry was created.

Although the origins are not absolutely clear, it is believed to be the cross of Sour Diesel and NYC Diesel making it a more Sativa-dominant strain.

Counter to most other Sativa varieties, it helps increase appetite in patients. Other than quality symptom relief, its popular sour and earthy flavor notes have kept it a fan favorite.

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Ringo’s Gift

This cultivar was named in honor of its original breeder, the CBD enthusiast Laurence Ringo.

He along with numerous other individuals selected plants throughout generations to guide the plants’ phenotype characteristics (physical traits) to express the compounds that make them up.

It is considered an evenly balanced hybrid for patients looking for relief during the day. It is a cross of high CBD Harle-Tsu and ACDC strains bred specifically to obtain between a 1:10 and 1:20 ratio.

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Shark Shock

An intensely strong variety with an aroma of a sweet woody forest, it honors two legendary parents including Skunk #1 and White Widow.

Known since the 1990s for its relaxing effects without too heavy body sedation, fans enjoy heavy symptom relief without requiring a nap.

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What Makes This Processing Partnership Special

The partnership will allow Beneleaves and their partner, Whole Plant™, to get ahead of the competition and provide an alternative that contains natural compounds, like cannabidiol, tetrahydrocannabinol, and terpenes. The new High-CBD vape cartridge was just released in Ohio at the start of March, so keep your eye out for it and ask your budtender at your local dispensary!

If you are interested in finding a store near you, please use our Whole Plant™ Cannabis store locator and call the store ahead to check for current availability.

About Whole Plant™

The Whole Plant™ journey started in 2016 with Alex and his belief in whole-plant medicine. Alex had been diagnosed with a critical case of Crohn’s Disease.

Seeing how effective it had been for himself and others, Alex brought the concept of whole-plant medicine to the CBD industry and created our brand Whole Plant™.

Our team strives to make an impact in the industry every day by helping others in need with high-quality products for an affordable price.

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The Whole Plant™ product line is truly one of a kind in the industry. Utilizing more than just CBD, our product line is based around an all-natural whole-plant extraction. This extraction method allows us to extract high amounts of CBD, many important minor cannabinoids, and the essential terpenes in the plant.

Many of the other cannabinoids like CBG, CBC, CBN, other cannabinoids, and terpenes can be lost in other extraction methods like C02. In our Whole Plant™ extract, we have 8-9 total cannabinoids and the plant terpenes that are essential for the entourage effect.

For more information, visit as well as follow our social media handle: @WholePlant_

About BeneLeaves

BeneLeaves is a family-, minority-, and women-owned medical cannabis processor based in Columbus, Ohio.

BeneLeaves creates deep connections with our patients, inspiring them towards new levels of wellness and happiness. We are patient-focused & Ohio proud.

We really appreciate our partnership with Whole Plant CBD. Their team has been very helpful, showing us the power of high CBD vape carts. 

Their all-natural vape cartridges are a great addition to dispensaries across Ohio, providing the patients of Ohio even more options for the relief they need.

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Why did you see the necessity for more CBD products in the medical marijuana market?

Many Ohio patients have serious ailments including extreme difficulties with sleep and chronic pain. We have many different products that can help with these conditions. Education is key to inspiring Ohio patients to learn the benefits of medical cannabis.

How gratifying is it to see the patients of Ohio benefit from our medical marijuana products?

We feel very humbled by communicating with our patients. We learn first-hand how medical cannabis products have improved their quality of life in many different ways which inspire us to keep creating and pouring love into everything we make. Our team is passionate and caring for the patients of Ohio.

What drives Beneleaves and their team each and every day?

We have built an amazing facility operated by our talented and dedicated team. Partnering up with folks like Whole Plant CBD offers even more variety and quality products for the patients of Ohio. We love working with fellow local organizations for the benefit of our shared community––for Ohioans by Ohioans.

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Where do you see the future of cannabis in Ohio?

The future is incredibly bright for BeneLeaves and the medical cannabis industry. Ohio will soon add 73 more dispensaries affording Ohio patients even greater access to medical cannabis. We are very proud to be one of the first processors to help launch the Ohio Medical Cannabis Program.

For more information, visit  as well as follow our social media handle: @BeneLeaves

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