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We offer Whole Plant™ hemp CBD topicals from CBD creams to hemp lotion and everything in between. Our topicals come in a variety of forms to suit your needs with complementing minor cannabinoids and natural terpenes.

Whole Plant CBD Topicals For Sale With Free Shipping Over $99 Order

Our topicals are made with pure, natural ingredients and are available for sale with free shipping on orders over $99. With large orders, we provide free USPS shipping or a premium UPS shipping option for those that would like it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are CBD Topicals?

CBD topicals, also known as hemp lotion, CBD muscle rub, or hemp cream, are some of the most popular CBD products on the market. They contain varying levels of CBD, making them a flexible product that can provide relief to different degrees from a variety of conditions.

Hemp Lotion Benefits?

The benefits of hemp lotion CBD topicals are that they work directly on the affected area of discomfort through the skin. Since natural hemp products do not cause intoxication when used through the skin it allows for higher dosages safely. A list of our hemp CBD lotion benefits includes:

  • Great for your skin, as it soothes and provides deep moisturization
  • Non-greasy formula, that has long-lasting relief
  • Great for your joints, as it helps to reduce inflammation
  • Can be used directly for quick relief on specific spots of concern

What Does CBD Topicals Look Like?

CBD topicals in their most natural form are simple and can be as few as three ingredients, like our Whole Plant™ CBD Salve. Made with organic MCT oil, full-spectrum hemp CBD extract, and natural beeswax. For help targeting heavy conditions a more complex hemp lotion formula, like our Whole Plant™ Recovery Freeze Gel, is recommended.

What Does Using CBD Topicals Feel Like?

Some people say that using CBD topicals feels like any other similar type of topical you may have used previously. If you’re curious about whether or not using CBD topical is right for you, here are some things to think about:

Do You Want To Avoid Being Intoxicated?

Using CBD topicals is not a way to get high; rather, it’s a way to enjoy the benefits of hemp without having to smoke, vape, or eat it.

Are You Seeking Localized Symptom Relief From A CBD Roll-On?

Using a CBD roll-on is a great way to help with localized symptom relief that is common as we age. If a hemp CBD roll-on sounds like something you’re interested in, give our Whole Plant™ Freeze Gel CBD Roll-On a try.

Interested In Bulk CBD Topicals?

Please use our wholesale page to contact us and receive 10% off on your first bulk order.

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