Whole Plant Points & Membership

Introducing Reward Points and Membership Club

As the new year begins, it’s time to start things off right. We are excited to announce a new reward points system that will enable discounts and an opportunity for lifetime membership redemption.

Our rewards program is designed to make your shopping experience even better. Simply register, earn points, apply at checkout for a discount, and/or use to redeem membership to our exclusive “Wellness Wise” club. Next, we will take a closer look at the way in which points are earned and redeemed.

Whole Plant Reward Points and Membership Infographic

Earn Points

  • Register for 1,000 Point Sign Up Bonus
  • Refer Friends and Earn 500 Points When They Purchase
  • Each $1.00 Spent on Products Equal 5 Points
  • Over $100 Spent Equal 1,000 Point Bonus

Redeem Points

  • Redeem at checkout for discounted purchases at a rate of 100 Points Equal $1.00 Off
  • Points can also be collected and used at 10,000 to redeem access to our “Wellness Wise” membership with 20% Off LTD online and other exclusive benefits.

“Wellness Wise” Membership Benefits

  • Coupon for 20% off lifetime deal for all future online purchases (cannot be combined with other sales)
  • A Welcome Gift with #WellnessWise SWAG
  • Pre-Order and Early Access to New Products
  • Member Exclusive Products
  • Special Bonus Point Opportunities

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