What is Whole Plant Extraction?

What is Whole Plant Extraction?

Whole plant extraction means to process plant material with a primary goal of preserving the natural ratios of cannabinoids and terpenes, especially the minor compounds, for the resulting end product. Typically, in the product journey, the first step is to change the raw plant flower into an extract that can be better used to properly dose final products.

Proper dosing is a critical aspect of CBD products since the general complexity of the process has lead to improper labeling and consumption in the past. At Whole Plant™ we take great pride in our product dosing accuracy, which can be verified on our certificate of analysis lab reports page.

What Is the Difference Between Whole Plant Extraction & Extraction for CBD Isolate?

As CBD becomes more widespread, the question of how it is derived has become an even more important question consumers are asking. The most important difference in extraction is the goal of the end result and what it will be used for. Whether it is for a more pure substance like isolate and distillate or for a strain-specific formula that the natural plant has evolved to express.

Whole plant extraction means starting with a philosophy for natural strain-specific ratios versus seeking to strip the material of all complementary substances for purity sake. Once the compound is pure, companies are required to reintroduce terpenes to create effects for consumers. This is most desired when consumers are concerned with failing a drug test due to residual THC that is found in full-spectrum whole plant extract products.

What are the benefits of using Whole Plant Extraction?

If you are seeking a more natural solution then whole-plant extraction will provide greater diversity for your CB1 and CB2 receptors throughout your brain and body. Diversity of the cannabinoids and terpenes create a greater “entourage effect” which acts on your endocannabinoid system to create wellness through homeostasis.

Final products that are made with full-spectrum whole-plant extraction are more popular with vegans and naturalists because it is a naturally occurring ratio of compounds rather than isolated CBD with reintroduced terpenes.

Is Whole Plant Extracted Products Right for You?

If you are an experienced user of CBD products derived from hemp or cannabis then your endocannabinoid system is already primed. For these users, full-spectrum whole plant products will expand upon their bodies’ level of equilibrium.

However, if you are new to CBD products then it is important to start slow and increase the dose slowly to what an experienced user may consider only typical. Everyone is different so please remember to listen to the body and adjust according to the feedback received.

If you are interested in learning about micro-dosing, please read our guide to micro-dosing.

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