Morning Clarity

For those who wish to begin their day with a powerful Sativa variety, our Morning Clarity CBD products are among their favorites. You can find many minor Cannabinoids such as CBG, along with awakening limonene and pinene terpenes, as well.


Daily Bliss

For those who have a desire to continue on with their day with a highly effective Hybrid variety, our Daily Bliss CBD products are the top choice. You’ll discover a few minor cannabinoids such as CBC, together with balancing linalool and humulene terpenes, too.


Nightly Wellness

If you want to give yourself peace of mind before going to bed, our Nightly Wellness CBD products are a good choice. You will find many minor cannabinoids, including CBN, and terpenes like a stress-reducing beta-caryophyllene and myrcene.

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Beneleaves Group Photo Full Team
Hemp CBD News | Whole Plant CBD 101

Local CBD Processor Whole Plant™, Partners with Ohio Cannabis Processor BeneLeaves for New High-CBD Medical Marijuana Vape

BeneLeaves, a leading provider of medical marijuana products in Ohio, has partnered with Whole Plant™ CBD to create “High-CBD vapes” for the Ohio market. This partnership will allow BeneLeaves to expand its product offerings and provide patients with access to the latest in CBD technology.

Hemp Cannabinoids May Help with Covid
Benefits of CBD | Hemp CBD News

Hemp Cannabinoids May Help With Coronavirus According To New Studies

With the recent outbreak of the virus, scientists are looking for new ways to combat it including researching cannabis compounds. Due to several recent studies, it is believed that some cannabinoids may help with covid-19, a common viral infection. In this post, we will look to clarify the recent studies’ conclusions and what these mean for your wellness.

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