AC/DC Vape Cartridge – Elevated Collection


AC/DC is one of the most well-known CBD dominant strains. It is a phenotype of the famous Cannatonic strain. This profile is subtly earthy, yet sweet in taste from Myrcene, Limonene, and B-Caryophyllene. A level-headed CBD cartridge is suited for many wellness goals. *Made with 510 thread compatible C Cell Vape Cartridge* SHIPPING IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR VAPE PRODUCTS

How to use:

  • Keep cartridge stored in a cool place
  • Remove silicone top and screw into 510 thread battery
  • Do not screw on too tight
  • Use mouthpiece to inhale and enjoy


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Whole Plant Elevated Collection Vape

Our Elevated Collection of CBD Vape cartridges are the highest quality vape cartridges in the market. This line mimics our cannabis collection for a legal CBD Hemp Cannabis Cartridge. Our cartridges are made with our exclusively Crystal Resistant CBD Distillate, which does not have any cutting agents. Since we use botanic cannabis derived strains, it makes it as close to a cannabis cartridge as possible.

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Full Panel Lab Test

We have a full panel lab test on our hemp flower and full-spectrum extract when it was grown and extracted. It has been tested for pesticides, microbial, micro-toxins residual solvents, potency, and terpenes.

Triple Lab Tested

We have our finished products lab tested for a 3rd time from a 3rd party lab to ensure quality and potency, in addition to our in-house testing.

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Distillate & Organic Terpenes

Our Crystal Resistant Distillate allows us to not have to use any cutting agents.
Our Whole Plant Disposable is a full all-natural vape with no additives.

C CELL Technology

Our disposable has C CELL technology with a quality ceramic coil for a clean vape draw.
Our C CELL has large intake wholes so there is no clogging with our thick whole plant oil.

Warning Statement:

Consumers should consult a licensed healthcare professional if pregnant, breastfeeding, currently taking medications, or under eighteen years of age.

Additional information


Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Organic (Hybrid) Terpene Blend


1 ml

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AC/DC Vape Cartridge – Elevated Collection

AC/DC Vape Cartridge – Elevated Collection