What does CRD mean?

CRD stands for Crystal Resistant Distillate. It is a special type of CBD extract that differs from the more common CBD isolate and full-spectrum products because the CBD resists crystallization. It is made using advanced CBD processing techniques allowing for even greater minor cannabinoid profiles in the end product. Due to its crystal resistance, CRD products typically have the greatest diversity in terpene and cannabinoid profiles.

How is it significant?

Although the crystallization of CBD doesn’t alter the effects, it can cause physical problems affecting the airflow in vape pens. By allowing the CBD to not crystallize means that no cutting agents are needed to change the viscosity of the liquid for vape pens. Later it was discovered for the additional benefit of enhanced minor cannabinoid and terpene profiles. CRD’s diverse profiles create a synergistic effect known as “the entourage effect” with potentially a more diverse effect than previous forms. The entourage effect works directly on your CB1 and CB2 receptors found in your brain and throughout the body’s endocannabinoid system.

What types of products are available with CRD?

CRD is typically used for quality vape pens that do not want to have an issue with CBD crystallizing leading to blocked airflows. For any typical vape pen user, it is quite frustrating when they give you any difficulty. We are excited to offer CBD disposable vapes with crystal-resistant distillate. This allows the CBD to not crystallize, so we do not have to use any cutting agents. This makes our vapes some of the most natural on the market. CRD has more recently started being used in gummies and tinctures for premium quality products for consumers who desire the greatest minor terpene and cannabinoid profile diversity potentially enhancing the synergistic effects.