Nightly Wellness Disposable Vape


  • 500 Draws/Puffs Per Device 
  • 0.6-1mg per Draw/Puff 
  • All-Natural Product
  • Distillate & Organic Terpenes

Our Nightly Wellness Disposable Vape is formulated with our organic hemp terpene blend that is a great way to wind down or end your day!


All of our disposable vapes are made with our unique Full Spectrum Whole Plant™ Distillate! We use an open-loop extraction method to preserve the natural plant terpenes from an Indica hemp variety for our Nightly Wellness disposable vape blend!


Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Organic Terpene Blend (Alpha-Bisabolol, Myrcene, Linalool, alpha- humulene, d-limonene, beta caryophyllene, alpha terpineol)


.5 ml

Strength (mg)



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